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KA Andersons (Metal Recyclers) Ltd
We require all grades of scrap material

KA Andersons (Metal Recyclers) Ltd. require all grades of scrap materials, both ferrous and non-ferrous including factory arisings and surplus materials.

Our purpose built recycling facility in Ripon handles over 1000 tonnes of materials per week and supplies all major steel works, foundries, die casters and specialist ingot manufacturers. We specialise in factory and works collections and can offer premium prices for all material. Using our fleet of custom built vehicles we can offer a fast efficient collection service, which is second to none. To meet the demands of our customers we can also supply a range of containers to suit any requirements free of charge.


Producers of Waste and Scrap

Virtually all businesses and institutions generate waste and scrap. The factors which now force organisations to ensure their waste and scrap is handled properly are: Economics – the cost of disposing of waste will grow with increasing disposal charges and landfill levy. With our experience and knowledge we can help you to recover the value in your waste streams in the most cost effective and economic way.

Legal Obligation

There are now legal requirements on producers of waste to handle, store and recover waste in an approved, environmentally sound manner. These obligations will increase, KA Andersons (Metal Recyclers) Ltd. can help you achieve this.

Social Responsibility

Awareness that society must improve the handling of waste, increase and promote recycling and re-use where possible.