Recyclable Materials

Copper(Non Ferrous)

All grades including, bright wire, electro plate, tube foil, cuttings, stampings, anodes, cathodes etc.

Stainless Steels, Nickel & Exotic Alloys(Non Ferrous)

Please note we have on site testing facilities with immediate outturn All grades of stainless scrap- solids and turnings, new, used and re-uasble plates and tubes.

Precious Metals & Exotic Scrap(Non Ferrous)

Including circuit boards, processors and catalysts.

Aluminium(Non Ferrous)

All grades including, Lithographic sheets, 3000 series, extrusions, castings, solids, turnings, cable etc.

Cable(Non Ferrous)

Complete cable processing facilities are on site and we can handle all grades, including leaded, low grade, VIR quadrant, household, tape etc.

Ferrous Materials

All new production off-cuts, heavy section, light cuttings, stampings, zintec etc. Any redundant plant, machinery, pressing tools etc. Full works clearances undertaken. If you have any materials to sell, either one-off or regular arisings then please let us quote you...